Floor Cloths & Window Shades

Hand painted floor cloths made of heavy duty canvas. Scenic floor cloths are painted free hand in artist oils. Stenciled and geometric designs are painted with milk paint. All floor cloths have multiple coats of gesso under the decorative paint and several coats of polyurethane on top to provide many years of use.

Custom Painted WindowshadesCustom Painted Windowshades
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#74 Custom Painted Windowshades

Window shades that were painted free hand and stenciled were popular in the United States in the 1830’s –1860’s. I will custom paint your shades for $35 per square foot for average scenes (more elaborate designs are higher) or custom stencil them for $25 per square foot.

The best shades that I have found for painting are Insulated Weaver's Roll-Up Shades in white or natural made by Country Curtains. Visit their website via the link below to order shades to fit your windows. You can have Country Curtains ship your shades to me, I will custom paint them for you and then ship the finished shades to you. The shades are often a bit longer than your actual windows. It is only necessary to have the part of the shades that will be unrolled painted.

So I can quote the cost of painting, specify the following information in the "Request Quote" area below:

1) Size of your shades and area you want painted.
2) Stenciling or freehand painting.
3) Type of design (flowers, scenery, etc.)

To read more about painted window shades, I suggest
American Folk Decoration by Jean Lipman and Eve Meulendyke, chapter 4.

link to CountryCurtains.com

Approximate Shipping Time: 10-12 weeks

Brown and Cream Diamond Floor Cloth
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#78 Brown and Cream Diamond Floor Cloth

27" x 71". You may request custom colors for all stenciled and geometric floor cloths for an additional $15 per floor cloth.

Approximate Shipping Time: 2-3 weeks

Standard order $159.00
Custom colors $174.00