Doll Making

Here is the list of classes that I teach. Contact me at or 860-355-5709 for more information.

  • Four-Week Doll Making Sampler Class
  • Art Dolls Class
  • Parent and Child Doll Making
  • Unfinished Doll Projects
  • Drafting Patterns for 18th and 19th Century Doll Clothes
  • Sewing 18th and 19th Century Doll Clothes
  • Izannah Walker and Other Antique Cloth Dolls
  • Wool Felt "Penny Rug" Pumpkin Doll
  • Doll Making - The Basics
  • Advanced Techniques for Cloth Dolls
  • Sculpting a Doll Head in Polymer Clay
  • Making a Polymer Clay/Fabric Doll with a Wire Armature
  • Drafting Patterns for Cloth Dolls
  • Mold Making for Doll Artists Class