#286 Alabama Indestructible Baby Reproduction Doll Class by Mail

For the past decade, I have been making and selling reproductions of Ella Smith’s Alabama Indestructible Babies.  Early in 2007, I was asked by Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine to write a three-part article about Alabama Babies that included full instructions and patterns for making a reproduction doll.  The series appeared in the March, April and May 2007 issues of the magazine.

Because those magazine issues are no longer available, I have updated and revised my original instructions. They include an additional option for making bare feet, as well as the iconic painted shoes for which Alabama Babies are so well known.  I've added more than twice as many color how-to photos to the step-by-step guide and had full size pattern pieces printed (so you won't have to go to the trouble and expense of making enlargements).

To read more about the story behind the articles, please visit my blog, Izannah Walker Journal: Paula Walton’s Doll-Making Notes.

Full support and unlimited questions and answers are included with this 30-page tutorial, as they are with all of my patterns and classes.  Making a reproduction Alabama Baby is easier than making a reproduction Izannah Walker doll, but it is still a complex and challenging undertaking, so it's nice to know that you will have some help along the way if you need it.  I have also started a class member-only Ning site, with bonus materials, extra photos and the opportunity for you to interact and "converse" with me and other class members.

What is included in the class:

-          30-page instruction book with 56 full color photographs

-          Full-size patterns for a 22 inch Alabama Baby and an early 1900’s sheer cotton and lace dress.

-          In-depth sculpting directions

-          Mold-making instructions

-          Materials source list

-          Full lifetime support with unlimited questions, answers and help

-          Class member-only group site

An optional pre-made plaster face mask is available for an additional charge of $59.00.  Depending on the time of year, it will take up to three weeks for face masks to dry completely before they can be shipped.

The face mask is strictly a time-saving convenience item.  All of the instructions you need to make the face mask are provided in the class instruction booklet and I will be happy to give you any additional help you need to make your own face mask through the class member Ning site.  When you buy the optional face mask, you are paying me to make it for you.  You can save money and have the ability to make additional masks by creating your own original sculpt and mold.

* Face masks are only available for Alabama Babies.  I do not sell Izannah Walker heads or molds and have no future plans to do so.

For professional doll artists

Dollmakers who sell their works may sell a limited number of dolls made from the patterns included in this class as long as the dolls and advertising materials clearly credit Paula Walton/A Sweet Remembrance for the patterns and techniques used to make them.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. The doll pattern is not for sale separately, nor would it be possible to reproduce the doll without the rest of the class.

Approximate Shipping Time: 14 days

Class only $65.00
Class plus Plaster Face Mask $124.00


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