#332 Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit

Have you always wanted to try your hand at making a reproduction Izannah Walker doll? 

If so, this kit is for you!  My kit will enable you to make a faithful representation of an 18 inch antique Izannah Walker doll.  This new kit is less challenging than my Izannah Walker Doll Making Class, which teaches you to make Izannah’s traditional pressed cloth heads.

Instead, the kit comes with a molded composition head, cast in a mold made directly from Isane, an antique Izannah Walker doll in my collection.  Also included in the kit are patterns for the doll’s body, under garments and two dresses plus a 31-page instruction booklet filled with detailed color photographs.

This kit is suggested for experienced seamstresses who are also well versed in painting with oils.  If you do not feel confident enough to paint the doll’s head yourself, you may commission me to paint it for you. This will require at least an additional two weeks.

Please take note of the approximate shipping times.  This is a new venture for me and I do not have an accumulated stockpile of molded heads, so I appreciate your patience with the four-week lead time.

* Dollmakers who sell their works may sell a finished doll made from this kit as long as the doll and advertising materials clearly credit Paula Walton/A Sweet Remembrance for the molded head, patterns and techniques used to make it, and the doll is clearly marked as a doll made by you from a kit.   Once you have purchased one full kit, more heads may be purchased to make additional dolls.  You are not authorized to make molds of any kind from this head.  Doing so would be a copyright violation.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 weeks

I will paint the head myself $200.00
Have Paula paint the head $375.00


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