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A 22.5 inch tall reproduction of a pre-1855 Izannah Walker doll. This amazing doll has a natural antique linen “second skin”, bare feet, three ringlet curls in front of each ear and nine at the nape of her neck. She is dressed in antique pantelettes, an antique wool petticoat, an antique cotton petticoat, a chemise, and an antique child’s dress that I altered to fit.

Her paint surface and modeling are true to the original doll from which her mold was made. She also comes with white silk stockings and handmade leather shoes. You may choose your shoe color. I will email you after purchase to discuss your color options. She is Doll # 2 made especially in honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.

Also available: An antique doll trunk to fit this doll, in as found condition. Wood, with paper covering, metal hardware, leather handle and blue patterned wall paper lining. $100.00 (with purchase of doll).

To view a video of this doll:

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