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This young Isane is approximately 18 inches tall. She has a red second skin covering her body and red painted boots with scalloped tops. Beneath her dress, she wears a full set of undergarments. Some Izannahs have long dresses like women or older girls and others wear shorter skirts like young children. 

I have hemmed Isane #4’s dress long, but if you prefer it shorter, I would be happy to add a third growth tuck in the skirt. You may also request aging on her arms, legs and feet. I left them fairly new-looking so that her new mom would have a choice. 

All of the fabrics and laces used in making her clothing are antique. To see more photos of this doll, please go to my blog, http://izannahwalker.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/happy-197th-birthday-izannah-walker/.

To be notified when I have new dolls available for sale, please email me atpaula@asweetremembrance.com.  This is a separate service from my regular mailing list.

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