#322 24 inch Father Christmas

I sculpted the original head of this Father Christmas, then made a mold and hand cast the papier-mache head for this figure. The head was then primed with multiple coats of gesso and painted it with artist oils.  His hair, beard and eyebrows are made from individually hand applied strands of kid mohair.  A wood armature supports the sculpted head and shoulders of the figure and forms the core of the torso and legs.  The arms and hands have wire armatures, with individual wires for each finger and thumb, which allows the hands to firmly hold objects. The boots are hand sculpted. His clothing is made from antique and vintage fabrics which will vary with every figure. 

In one arm, Father Christmas carries a hand-made spun cotton girl, with a lithographed face, dressed in crepe paper, two handmade paper dolls that are based on mid-nineteenth century originals, and three tiny feather trees, topped with candles.  In his other hand, he holds the paw of a tiny handmade mohair teddy bear, with working joints, glass eyes, a newspaper hat and a miniature American flag made of silk. I made the spun cotton girl, the paper dolls, and the teddy bear.  The feather trees and silk flag are purchased commercially made reproduction components. The toys may vary. 

Visit my blog to see more photos of this Father Christmas:http://spuncottonornaments.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/not-quite-spun-cotton-ornaments-but-almost/

Since the clothing fabrics and toys of this Father Christmas are one of a kind, you may choose from those I have available when you order, or if you prefer I will choose wonderful ones for you.  This Father Christmas is made to order only.  Once ordered, it will be placed on my custom made order calendar in the first available date, which may be quite a few months in the future.  Call 860-355-5709 or email paula@asweetremembrance.com to discuss fabrics, accessories and estimated delivery dates.

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