Wish List

Wish List

christmas wishes

❤ At the current time I am not accepting orders in several categories, including custom made dolls. Certain other items are only going to be available occasionally during a few of my Pop-Up Shops. Once I manage to work through my backlog, I’ll start taking orders again ❤ If you have a particular doll or other item that you would purchase if it were available, please leave a reply. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when choosing which categories to open up first, when designing new items, and when making dolls for “open shopping” when I post newly made dolls for sale on www.izannahwalker.com.

If you’d like to be notified when my Pop-Up Shops occur please sign-up for my newsletter. You may also choose to be included on my “New Dolls” email list, which will let you know when I have newly finished reproduction Izannah Walker dolls available for sale. Email me at Paula@ASweetRemembrance.com and I will add you to the “New Dolls” mailing list. 

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