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Pop Up Shop!!! ~ Antique & Handmade Goods to Welcome St. Nicholas!

December 2nd Pop Up Shop
Before and After… a decorating idea ❤ Antique Baby Shoes w/ handmade spun cotton carrots to leave out for St. Nicholas’ horse on the night of December 5th, displayed with antique toys, small treats and a spun cotton Santa to depict the items children find left in their shoes. Antique baby shoes and spun cotton carrots sold as a set. Spun Cotton Santa sold separately. All other items are for display purposes only and are not for sale.

Welcome to my December 2nd Pop Up Shop, with offerings themed especially for St. Nicholas Day! Many years ago, when my sons were quite young, we lived in Minnesota where my children’s nursery school and many of our neighbors celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. On the evening of December 5th the children would put their shoes by the front door and leave carrots in the shoes for St. Nicholas’ horse. In the morning they would discover that St. Nicholas had filled their shoes with small toys and treats. ❤ My boys always loved this early December celebration, which heralded in the Christmas season. It was one of my favorite things too… after all what could be better than a holiday celebration in which shoes play a major role? You can probably guess that means I am extremely partial to shoes, which I freely admit 🙂 Doll shoes, baby shoes, new shoes, old shoes… I love them all! So in honor of St. Nicholas Day, and shoes, here is a sampling of the items I am offering for sale. To see the entire Pop-Up Shop click here!

Hanging Glass & Tin Display Cases Large $69 Small $49. I have eight of each  6 small and 7 large available. I love these little cases! They are perfect to show off and protect all kinds of small treasures. I like to keep tiny doll accessories in mine, so that I can admire them while keeping them safe from kittens and little hands.  Lovely with found bird’s nests, antique Christmas ornaments, or little St. Nicholas Day displays ❤ ❤ ❤

The large cases are 12 inches wide x 9 inches high, with 3 equal sections that have interior glass dividers. The small cases are slightly less than 5 inches wide x 9 inches high.



D – $95.00 Adorable white button baby shoes and spun cotton carrots. These shoes originally had something glued to the front of them, I have no idea what that was as nothing but a trace of glue remained. I’ve made them crepe paper rosettes, but you could certainly remove the rosettes and add your own trimmings. These shoes close with white mother of pearl buttons, two of which are missing. If you would like replacement buttons, I can add two antique buttons, but I don’t have an exact match.



T – $38.00 Sled Ice Skates w/box!!!


BB – $95.00     Handmade fully jointed bear, antique white mohair, rod jointed arms and legs, disk jointed neck, glass eyes. My own original design ❤

IMG_7303 (2)IMG_7305 (2)IMG_7307 (2)

Almost everything is one of a kind. If you are interested in purchasing an item, or items, please email me at In the case of more than one person wishing to buy an item, it will go to the first email received. If for some reason the transaction isn’t completed then I will contact the 2nd person in line and ask if they would like to buy the item in question. Everything includes FREE PRIORITY MAIL through USPS to any Untied States address. International Orders  will be charged exact postage + a $10.00 handling fee for all international locations, except Canada, to help off-set the time it takes me to deal with customs forms – and in many cases the requirement that I actually take the package to the post office rather than scheduling it for pick-up. Canadian orders will be charged exact postage.

Payment: Paypal – I will send you an invoice – please provide me with the email address you use for your Paypal account. Credit Cards – If you want to use a credit card, but would rather not go through Paypal, I will be happy to process your credit card. I will call you to get your credit card number, expiration date and security code. Please provide your telephone number. Personal Checks –  Payable to Paula Walton and sent to 172 Aspetuck Ridge Road, New Milford, CT 06776-5611. Lay-away is also available to fit your budget. A deposit will be due now with equal monthly payments to follow.

Shipping ~ If you order before 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 12/2 and pay with Paypal, I will make sure that your order ships out on Monday morning! Depending on where you live, this may make it possible for your items to get to you by Wednesday, December 5th, just in time for St. Nicholas Day… fingers crossed! Although if you are like me, I keep my St. Nicholas themed decorations out until after Christmas. lay-away

Thank you for coming to my December 2nd Pop-Up Shop ❤ To see the full Pop-Up Shop please click here.

Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls

Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls

handmade reproduction Izannah Walker dolls

13 – 18-1/2  inch tall reproduction Izannah Walker dolls

The culmination of over 10 years of research and trial and error, these painted cloth dolls are reproductions of six pre-patent c. 1850-1860 Izannah Walker dolls in my personal collection and six from the collections of a dear friends.  They are made specifically for the Izannah purist who values a strict adherence to original construction methods and materials.  My goal is to make each doll, as closely as possible, in the same way Izannah Walker made her dolls. I pour every bit of my 26 years of doll making experience into making my reproductions look like authentic antique Izannah Walker dolls from the inside out.

I drafted my patterns and made the molds for the pressed cloth heads directly from my antique Izannahs. The doll bodies are made from 100% cotton fabric, their heads are stiffened silk stockinet, and their “second skin” is made from glazed antique linen and cotton fabrics.  They are stuffed with organic cotton stuffing to match the stuffing in the original dolls.  All painted areas on the dolls are first painted with gesso and then with several layers of artist oils.  I drafted the patterns for the doll clothing from the garments worn by my antique Izannah Walker dolls (which are original to the dolls) and from additional antique dresses in my collection.

The dress fabrics are antique cottons and wools dating from 1830 – 1890. The fabric used in the undergarments is taken from vintage cotton sheets and household lines and antique women’s petticoats, which matches what was used in the doll’s original chemise and pantalets.  You may special order a doll made from reproduction fabrics.  All buttons and lace are antiques.  I sew the clothing by machine and by hand exactly in the same manner as the originals.

The base price for my 13 – 18.5 inch dolls is $1250.  Dolls with bare feet, or clothing that is especially elaborate and/or made from more expensive antique materials, cost more.  Accessories such as bonnets, pockets, outerwear, aprons and extra dresses are additional. I am happy to offer layaway.

There are two ways to purchase my dolls. You may either buy one of my completed dolls or you may order a custom doll made to your specifications.  Each doll takes “forever” to make, so I never have very many finished dolls available at once.  I will try to list available dolls here on the website, although it’s much faster for me to pop them up on my blog,  So check over at the blog to see what I’m currently working on, dolls fresh out of my studio, and my rare eBay auctions.  Call me at 860-355-5709 or email me at to order a custom made doll of your very own.

With a custom doll, you may specify:

– which of my 16 different molds of actual antique Izannah Walker doll that  you would like me to use to create the doll’s pressed cloth head

– if you would like your doll to look well-loved and worn, newly made, or somewhere in between, some molds are more suited to “New” or “Aged” appearances

– skin tone

– girl or boy

– hair style

– bare feet or painted boots

– clothing style and particulars

– if you would like multiple dresses or additional garments or accessories

Approximate Shipping Time: This can vary greatly depending on my back log. I’m not accepting custom orders at the moment because I’m already booked rather far into the future. As soon as I catch up a bit I’ll start taking custom orders again.

If you have a particular doll or other item that you would purchase if it were available, please leave a comment on the Wish List. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when choosing which categories to open up first, when designing new items, and when making dolls for my “Third Thursday” of the month posting of dolls for sale on ❤ 

Carton Moule, Wooden and Other 17th & 18th Century Reproduction Dolls

Carton Moule, Wooden and Other 17th & 18th Century Reproduction Dolls


Something new and exciting is underway in my studio! I’m in the process of designing and making prototypes for several carton moule and wooden dolls. I’ve been wanting to make reproductions of these interesting, rare, early dolls for 20 years! Good things come to those who wait!!! Check back here or watch for my announcement of their unveiling. ❤

dolls woodcut

horace walpole 1727-1750

Classes By Mail

Classes By Mail


Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Class by Mail


To the best of my knowledge, this is the only comprehensive tutorial on how to make an authentic Izannah Walker reproduction doll and her clothing. I based this class on Izannah Walker’s original patent and two of the nine pre-1873 dolls I own that were made by Izannah Walker.

This is a Master Level class that teaches you to make an exact reproduction of one of Izannah Walker’s iconic early pre-patent 18-½ inch dolls. Prior sewing, sculpting and painting experience is a pre-requisite.

Izannah Walker Doll Making Class by Mail

What is included in the class:

  • 75 page Booklet full of step-by-step instructions with 166 detailed photographs
  • Patterns for doll body and one complete set of clothing (dress, two petticoats, chemise, drawers)
  • Body Construction Guide with 16 measurements
  • Detailed instructions for sculpting head featuring Sculpting Guide with 54 separate measurements taken from my antique Izannah Walker dolls
  • Mold-making instructions
  • Paint swatches and formulas to match colors from original Izannah Walker dolls
  • Painting instructions
  • Fabric swatches
  • Wool stuffing
  • Source list for all required materials
  • Optional instructions for those wanting to take a short-cut approach
  • Lifetime question and answer support at no additional charge
  • Additional bonus doll making information and student interaction on my class member-only Ning site

Why this class is ideal for serious doll-makers:

  • With the detailed instruction booklet, you don’t have to be connected to the internet or be limited to working in front of your television screen.
  • The open instruction book will lay flat on your work table
  • You can make notes right in your booklet as a permanent record
  • The instructions are infinitely reusable

Why should you buy from Paula Walton of A Sweet Remembrance?


  • Dollmaker for 24 years
  • Author of numerous magazine articles on dolls and doll-making
  • Free-lance designer for national craft publications
  • Restoration artist of antique dolls, bears and textiles

Izannah Walker doll owner

  • Patterns are drafted and sculpting measurements directly taken from two original dolls plus extra original Izannah Walker clothing

Proven instructor

  • Teaches at nationally-known arts and crafts schools including stints as artisan-in-residence
  • Consistently highly-rated by students for knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement
  • Sold hundreds of patterns and Spun Cotton Ornament class kits via mail and supported these satisfied customers for many years

Historical expert

  • Nationally-recognized historical artisan
  • Early American Life top traditional craftsman 21 times in nine years, including clothing and accessories, textiles and needlework, toys and dolls categories
  • Museum director and curator

Availability and pricing

To take this class in person, it would be a five-day session, with a cost of $700 for tuition and all materials, not to mention your travel expenses.

The price of this class is $250. As with all my products, the Izannah Walker Doll Class by Mail includes free shipping in the US.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. The doll pattern is not for sale separately, nor would it be possible to reproduce the doll without the rest of the class.

For professional doll artists

Dollmakers who sell their works may sell a limited number of dolls made from the patterns included in this class as long as the dolls and advertising materials clearly credit Paula Walton/A Sweet Remembrance for the patterns and techniques used to make them.

Approximate Shipping Time: 14 – 21 days


Alabama Indestructible Baby Reproduction Doll Class by Mail

Antique Alabama Indestructible Baby


For the past decade, I have been making and selling reproductions of Ella Smith’s Alabama Indestructible Babies.  Early in 2007, I was asked by Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine to write a three-part article about Alabama Babies that included full instructions and patterns for making a reproduction doll.  The series appeared in the March, April and May 2007 issues of the magazine.

Because those magazine issues are no longer available, I have updated and revised my original instructions. They include an additional option for making bare feet, as well as the iconic painted shoes for which Alabama Babies are so well known.  I’ve added more than twice as many color how-to photos to the step-by-step guide and had full size pattern pieces printed (so you won’t have to go to the trouble and expense of making enlargements).

To read more about the story behind the articles, please visit my blog, Izannah Walker Journal: Paula Walton’s Doll-Making Notes.

Full support and unlimited questions and answers are included with this 30-page tutorial, as they are with all of my patterns and classes.  Making a reproduction Alabama Baby is easier than making a reproduction Izannah Walker doll, but it is still a complex and challenging undertaking, so it’s nice to know that you will have some help along the way if you need it.  I have also started a class member-only Ning site, with bonus materials, extra photos and the opportunity for you to interact and “converse” with me and other class members.

What is included in the class:

–          30-page instruction book with 56 full color photographs

–          Full-size patterns for a 22 inch Alabama Baby and an early 1900’s sheer cotton and lace dress.

–          In-depth sculpting directions

–          Mold-making instructions

–          Materials source list

–          Full lifetime support with unlimited questions, answers and help

–          Class member-only group site

Alabama Baby close-up

An optional pre-made plaster face mask is available for an additional charge of $59.00.  Depending on the time of year, it will take up to three weeks for face masks to dry completely before they can be shipped.

The face mask is strictly a time-saving convenience item.  All of the instructions you need to make the face mask are provided in the class instruction booklet and I will be happy to give you any additional help you need to make your own face mask through the class member Ning site.  When you buy the optional face mask, you are paying me to make it for you.  You can save money and have the ability to make additional masks by creating your own original sculpt and mold.

* Face masks are only available for Alabama Babies.

For professional doll artists

Dollmakers who sell their works may sell a limited number of dolls made from the patterns included in this class as long as the dolls and advertising materials clearly credit Paula Walton/A Sweet Remembrance for the patterns and techniques used to make them.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. The doll pattern is not for sale separately, nor would it be possible to reproduce the doll without the rest of the class.

Approximate Shipping Time: 14 – 21 days


Class only $65.00

Class plus Plaster Face Mask $124.00

Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit

Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit
The antique Izannah Walker doll that this kit is based on is shown on the right. A reproduction Izannah Walker doll made by me using the patterns and composition head that are included in my kits. In the middle is an unpainted composition head that comes in each kit along with patterns and an instruction booklet.

Have you always wanted to try your hand at making a reproduction Izannah Walker doll?

If so, this kit is for you!  My kit will enable you to make a faithful representation of an 18 inch antique Izannah Walker doll.  This new kit is less challenging than my Izannah Walker Doll Making Class, which teaches you to make Izannah’s traditional pressed cloth heads.

I. Walker doll making kit
Composition Izannah Walker head and shoulderplate made from a mold taken directly from one of my antique Izannah Walker dolls, plus instruction booklet and patterns for both the doll body, a full set of undergarments and two dresses.

Instead, the kit comes with a molded composition head, cast in a mold made directly from Isane, an antique Izannah Walker doll in my collection.  Also included in the kit are patterns for the doll’s body, under garments and two dresses plus a 31-page instruction booklet filled with detailed color photographs.

This kit is suggested for experienced seamstresses who are also well versed in painting with oils.  If you do not feel confident enough to paint the doll’s head yourself, you may commission me to paint it for you. This will require at least an additional two weeks.

Please take note of the approximate shipping times.  This is a new venture for me and I do not have an accumulated stockpile of molded heads, so I appreciate your patience with the four-week lead time.

* Dollmakers who sell their works may sell a finished doll made from this kit as long as the doll and advertising materials clearly credit Paula Walton/A Sweet Remembrance for the molded head, patterns and techniques used to make it, and the doll is clearly marked as a doll made by you from a kit.   Once you have purchased one full kit, more heads may be purchased to make additional dolls.  You are not authorized to make molds of any kind from this head.  Doing so would be a copyright violation.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 weeks

I will paint the head myself $200.00
Have Paula paint the head $375.00

Additional Molded Composition Heads for use with Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit

Want to make another doll?  Buy a second head to use with the patterns and instructions in your kit. If you would also like me to paint the head, at least two more weeks will be required.

Only available to customers who have already purchased the full kit.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 – 6 weeks

I will paint the head myself $165.00
Have Paula paint the head $340.00

 Spun Cotton Ornament Class by Mail


For those of you who live too far away from CT to attend one of my classes in person, I have come up with a class kit. The kit contains 20 pages of instructions, which include 40 photos and list of sources for materials.

Along with the instruction booklet, you will receive samples of materials to aid you in your shopping, samples of spun cotton ornaments in various stages of construction, and enough bulk materials for you to make several complete ornaments.

New! At no charge for all past and new students of this class, I have created a private Facebook support page. It is the preferred place to ask questions, share photos, learn new techniques, get project ideas,  and more. New students are invited automatically. Past students should contact me for instructions.

In addition, students may call or email me with any questions. There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask, and no expiration date.

The cost of this kit is the same as that of a private tutorial ($120 + $10 for materials). (This item is NOT returnable.)

For your convenience, I also sell an optional Set of Five Push Molds for Spun Cotton Ornament Faces for an additional fee.

 I also have a blog to share notes, information and photos of spun cotton ornaments. It is called Please check it out!

Approximate Shipping Time: 14 – 21days



Set of Five Push Molds for Spun Cotton Ornament Faces

5 push molds

This is a set of molds that you can use to make faces for your Spun Cotton Ornaments.  The molds are taken directly from antique doll heads that I own using silicone mold putty.

The face-masks produced with this set of molds range in size from 1 inch to 2-1/4 inches.  Sold only as a set; individual molds not available.  If you are buying my Spun Cotton Ornament Class by Mail, the class does contain instructions on how to make your own push molds. These molds are an optional, time-saving aid.

NOTE: This item is non-refundable.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 – 5 weeks


Cut & Stitch Fabric Doll Panels

Cut and Stitch Fabric Doll Panels

scissors small

Tiny Cut Out and Stitch Dolls. Every now and then around the holidays I get the urge to work on a fast, fun project!  When my most recent urge hit, my mind immediately leapt to the great printed cloth dolls that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  I’ve always been very fond of all of the printed cut and sew dolls from that era.  Here are my versions!  They are a combination of printed cloth dolls and photos of some of the antique dolls in my collection.

Most of my printed dolls are 8-1/2 inches tall.  The exceptions are noted below.  Each doll panel that you buy includes two mirrored doll images, so that you can sew them together back to back, or use them separately with a plain fabric backing, or for applique work.  The dolls are printed on high quality 100% cotton fabric and are completely washable.  There is extra fabric surrounding each doll that will allow for a ¼ inch seam allowance.  The dolls may be sewn with right sides together, turned and stuffed, machine stitched from the front side, trimmed and stuffed, or appliqued onto other projects. They may also be cut out and used for journaling and other multi-media projects.  Add bits of fabric, lace, crepe paper and Dresden trims to create doll clothing.


Some project ideas include:

– Sew back to back for Christmas ornaments, so the “front” side is always on view.

– String together into a banner to hang across mirrors, windows or mantles.

– Hang individually from cupboard doors or chandeliers.

– Make into a mobile.

– Stuff with lavender and use as drawer and closet sachets for your finest linens and clothing.

– Fill with cedar shavings and place among your doll and bear collection to repel moths.

– Special party favors for your doll club meetings and events.

– Make into a special doll’s doll for your favorite plaything.

– Baby toys.

– Add a squeaker inside to make a fun dog toy or fill with catnip for your kitten to play with.

– Applique’ onto quilt blocks, pincushions, curtains, aprons, pockets, baby bibs and clothing, tote bags, t-shirts and more.

Priced individually or discounted if ordered in groups.


#334 A.Zanna with legs together


#335 B.Zanna legs apart


#336 C.Isabeau with legs together


#337 D.Isabeau legs apart


#338 E.Isane legs apart


#339 F.Isane with legs together


#340 G.Ismay


#341 H.English Wooden Doll


#342 I.Baby Dennison Paper Doll


#343 J.Brunette Dennison Paper Doll


#344 K.Blonde Dennison Paper Doll


#345 All three Dennison Paper Dolls


#346 All seven Izannah fabric dolls


#347 All 11 tiny cut and stitch dolls


#349 Reproduction of an original cut and sew antique cloth doll face




sewing machine


Scherenschnitte & Silhouettes ~ The Art of Paper Cutting



All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve Detail


All Hallows Eve

Hand-cut witch silhouette flying across a water color moon. Hand-grained frame in burnt sienna over pumpkin orange.  Image size 5″ x 7″, frame size may vary.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 – 6 weeks

Small Halloween Witch


Small Halloween Witch

Image size 4″ x 6″, frame size may vary.  A hand cut black silhouette in a grain painted frame.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4-6 weeks



Girl Wearing Pantaloons with Doll


Girl Wearing Pantaloons with Doll

Hand-cut silhouette of girl holding doll. Grain-painted frame available in burnt sienna over salmon or harvest gold. Image size 5″ x 7″, frame size may vary. Also available with “Girl with Doll” as a pair.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4 -6 weeks



Girl with Doll


Girl with Doll

Hand-cut silhouette of girl holding doll. Grain-painted frame available in burnt sienna over salmon or harvest gold. Image size 5″ x 7″, frame size may vary. Also available with “Girl Wearing Pantaloons with Doll” as a pair.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4-6 weeks

Spun Cotton Ornaments

Spun Cotton Ornaments

spun cotton ornaments

All of the items shown here are of my own design; they are not exact copies of any particular antique. They are however, based on numerous similar antiques. They have been made using the methods and materials that would have been used to create these types of decorations in their original time periods. These are new ornaments, which I have signed and dated. Each ornament is made one at a time, without the use of a pattern, so every one is unique. Sizes listed are approximate.
The heyday of spun cotton ornaments, which were generally Christmas tree decorations, was from 1880- to the early 1900’s. Spun cotton ornaments were most typically made with either lithographed paper scrap, bisque, or spun cotton faces. Lithographed paper scraps were being imported from Germany to the United States as early as the 1840’s. I adhere to very traditional construction techniques when making my ornaments, meticulously hand spinning loose bleached cotton fibers over wire armatures and dressing figures in intricate, detailed costumes. When using clay faces, I make molds from antique doll heads in my personal collection, then carefully hand cast and paint each head.

Red Santa in Batting Coat Spun Cotton Ornament

5 ½ inch tall hanging ornament. A red spun cotton Santa with a scrap face and batting coat. He is carrying a real feather tree that is topped with a tiny wax candle.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a


Spun Cotton Santa


This ornament is made of cotton, which has been spun over wire and hand dyed. He has a “scrap” paper face (which will vary), antique buttons and a tiny bottle brush tree. Around 5-1/2 inches tall. Choice of red or blue.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Specify red or blue
Father Christmas and Two Children Ornament Set

6 inch Father Christmas, 5 inch girl, 4 inch boy and two 2-¼ inch dolls. Father Christmas carries a bag of vintage glass ornaments. Scrap faces may vary.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Merry Christmas

This pair of spun cotton figures are 6 ¾ and 7 inches high, respectively. Each is made of spun cotton over a wire armature, with a clay face. They are dressed in crepe paper costumes that are accented with tiny “snow” covered fabric holly leaves and faux red berries. They have red glass glitter shoes and they are mounted on stands that have been covered in moss.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Happy Holly Days

6 ¼ inch hanging Christmas ornament made of spun cotton with a wire armature and clay face. He is wearing a crepe paper costume and has red glass glitter shoes. His clothing accents and “hair” are tiny fabric holly leaves and red berries.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Winter Wonderland

5-¾ inch tall hanging Christmas ornament with lithographed scrap face. Coat, hood, muff and leggings made from vintage cotton batting sprinkled with mica flakes. Skirt made from vintage crepe paper. Hand painted shoes. Embellished with antique buttons and dried holly.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Girl with Red Shoes Spun Cotton Ornament

8-½ in. spun cotton ornament with 2-¼ in. doll. Scrap faces may vary.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Swinging Girl 

A 5-inch tall swinging girl Christmas ornament with a wire armature, which allows her to be posed in a sitting position on a glitter covered swing with tinsel roping. She has a free form spun cotton face. Her hair is made from hand dyed kid mohair, tied with a pink silk ribbon.  She is wearing layered crepe paper petticoats and a skirt, topped with a scalloped trimmed jacket made of vintage cotton Christmas drape. Sparkly pink glitter shoes cover her feet.

Approximate Shipping Time:



Child in White Lace Gown

7 inches tall. A charming young child with a spun cotton body and clay head and shoulders. She has hand dyed mohair curls tied with a silk ribbon. Her gown is made of white crepe paper and antique lace in the style of early 1800’s children’s chemise dresses.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Small Girl in Red and Green Dress

At 6 inches high. Dressed in a green and red crepe paper dress.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Select black or white
Boy in Red and Blue

6 inches. A young black gentleman, dressed in red and blue crepe paper, a newspaper hat, cotton batting collar and glass glitter boots. He is delivering a Christmas post card that is a small version of an antique card in my collection. Available with your choice of two different faces. Top photo face A, bottom photo face B.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Snow White, Rose Red and Little Sister Spun Cotton Ornament Set

This set of Christmas sisters is comprised of three spun cotton figures on plaster “snowball” bases. The total heights of the girls including the bases are 11 1/2 inches, 10 1/2 inches and 9 1/2 inches. All three have lithographed paper faces which may vary, wire armatures, crepe paper skirts, cotton batting coats and hoods, and ruby red glass glitter shoes. The off-white batting is vintage and the red batting is hand-dyed. They are carrying four 2 3/4 inch and 2 inch spun cotton dolls, which have been made in the same manner as the larger spun cotton figures. The tiny glass ball ornaments are vintage. $110 each or $300 for the set of three.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Girl with Red Sash and Blue Shoes Spun Cotton Ornament

6 ½ inches tall. A charming young miss wearing a white crepe paper dress with a red sash and blue glitter shoes. She has an imported scrap paper face.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Tempus Fugit Spun Cotton Ornament

6 inches tall. This New Years reveler is dressed in black crepe paper with sparkly silver accents. He has a newspaper hat with a black and silver cockade, plus silver glass glitter shoes and “buttons”.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Stroke of Midnight Spun Cotton Ornament

6 inches tall. Just counting down the minutes until the last stroke of midnight, this young boy is a hanging ornament that will brighten any New Year’s celebration. He is dressed in silver tissue paper with black crepe paper and glass glitter embellishments.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Happy New Year Spun Cotton Ornament

10 inch hanging New Year ornament made of spun cotton over a wire armature with a clay face. The dress she is wearing is made up of layers of black crepe paper, vintage silver crepe paper and silver tissue paper, embellished with black glass glitter and silver tinsel garland. Her hair is hand dyed kid mohair. The shoes and hat on this ornament are coated in silver and black glass glitter.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Ring Out the Old…

10-½ inch tall hanging New Year ornament with hand cast clay face. This ornament has hand-dyed mohair hair and a glass glitter covered paper crown. Her dress is made from tissue paper, with crepe paper trim, glass glitter-coated antique buttons and silk ribbon. Her petticoat is made of crepe paper. She has a glass glitter bracelet and shoes.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Auld Lang Syne Spun Cotton Ornament

This 8 inch ornament is ready to usher out the old year and welcome in the new. She has hand-dyed auburn mohair curls, a sparkly head band, and glass glitter dancing slippers. Her multi-layered dress is made of black crepe paper and silver tissue paper with a black rosette at the back of her silver sash.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Scrap Face Valentine Boy Spun Cotton Ornament

5-1/2 inch tall spun cotton boy with a wire armature, dressed in a red crepe paper sailor suit. Details include lithographed scrap paper face, glass glitter hearts on elbows and hat, glass glitter boots, striped stockings, and miniature version of an antique valentine from my personal collection. He has a vintage rayon cord loop.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Girl with Red Shoes Spun Cotton Ornament

8-½ in. spun cotton ornament with 2-¼ in. doll. Scrap faces may vary.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Izannah Inspired Spun Cotton Ornament 1

This is a 4-inch tall, newly hand made, spun cotton ornament. It was inspired by the wonderful antique cloth dolls made by Izannah Walker in the mid-1800’s. This small Izzy wears a crepe paper dress that is embellished with black satin ribbon. She has painted hair and boots and a wire armature. Her paper face is a photograph of one of my antique Izannah Walker dolls. If you would like to read more about the Izannahs in my collection, please visit my Izannah Walker journal.

Approximate Shipping Time: n/a

Izannah Inspired Spun Cotton Ornament 2

This is a 4-inch tall, newly hand made, spun cotton ornament. It was inspired by the wonderful antique cloth dolls made by Izannah Walker in the mid-1800’s. This small Izzy wears a crepe paper dress that is embellished with an all over painted design. She has painted hair and boots and a wire armature. Her paper face is a photograph of one of my antique Izannah Walker dolls. If you would like to read more about the Izannahs in my collection, please visit my Izannah Walker journal.

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All Hallows Eve Ball


This figure is a larger sized version of a traditional spun cotton ornament. Her face is made of pressed and molded cotton.  Like all spun cotton figures, she has a wire armature, which allows her to be posed in a sitting position.  Her hair is made from hand dyed kid mohair.  I costumed her in an outfit reminiscent of those shown in early 1900’s crepe paper crafting books published by the Dennison Company.  She is wearing a dress and multiple layers of petticoats fashioned from crepe paper, trimmed in black Dresden trims and velvet ribbon.  Her hat is made from wool felt, with a velvet band and a glittered hatpin.  Sparkly glitter shoes, Dresden paper bracelets, and a ruffled owl mask are the finishing touches on her Halloween ensemble.

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This figure is an elaborate fantasy combination of a spun cotton ornament and a paper doll with crepe paper clothing, such as those produced by the Dennison Company in the early 1900’s.  Her body is spun cotton over a wire armature, with a chromolithographed paper scrap face.  Standing upon a mica dusted spun cotton moon, she is wearing a party frock comprised of layers of crepe paper – with edges cut with an antique pinking machine and tulle, trimmed with velvet ribbon and luna moths made of embossed Dresden paper.   Over her shoulders she wears a crepe paper and tissue paper cape.  Her hat is fashioned from wool felt, accented with velvet ribbon and a crepe paper blossom.  Other details include Dresden paper bangle bracelets and shoes made of black flocking and glitter. In her hand is a crystal ball, for telling the future, & in her bag are stars to sprinkle amongst the heavens.

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Miss Liberty Spun Cotton Ornament

8-½ inch ornament carries American flag and torch. Scrap face may vary.

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