Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern for 18-1/2″ Doll

Shown here is the original clothing belonging to my Izannah Walker doll. I have drafted patterns from these pieces. This is a printed pattern with printed instructions and is an invaluable resource for both collectors of antique dolls and for doll makers. This pattern is intended for experienced seamstresses only – it should not be attempted by beginners.

Your purchase of this pattern includes unlimited telephone and email support. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the instructions and provide additional help as needed. I have also started a blog, Izannah Walker Journal at, that provides information about Izannah Walker dolls in general, sources for fabric and notions, and other information you may find helpful when using this pattern.

Note: Limited use by doll makers who sell their works is allowed, as long as credit is given, with each doll sold, to Paula Walton of A Sweet Remembrance for the clothing pattern. No other commercial use is allowed.

Approximate Shipping Time: 7 – 10 days


c.1890-1910 Apron Pattern

This is a hand drawn pattern with printed instructions, drafted from an antique in my collection. The pattern is drafted in the original size (small) with adjustment lines given to enlarge. The apron is cut as one continuous piece and was made to fully utilize 36 inch wide fabric.

Approximate Shipping Time: 4-6 weeks


Just Teddy and 20″ Teddy Patterns

Just Teddy Pattern. (front) Makes 10-1/2″ fully jointed bear. Shown in affordable, easy-to-find fuzzy felt. Also delightful in mohair or a longer napped acrylic. Complete instructions and full size pattern pieces.

20 inch Teddy Pattern. (rear) Detailed instructions for a 20″ fully jointed bear with long, old fashioned arms and legs. Excellent in acrylics and mohair. Shown here in fuzzy felt. Full size pattern pieces in illustrated envelope.

Patterns only. Finished bears not available.

Approximate Shipping Time: 7 days

Just Teddy
20” Teddy

1831 Common Linen Doll Pattern

Complete pattern and instructions for 5 and 9 inch common linen dolls and their dresses. This pattern is based on an illustration and instructions first published in the American Girl’s Book in 1831 and as seen in my article, A Common Linen Doll, on pages 67-69 in the Christmas 2009 issue of Early American Life magazine.

Approximate Shipping Time: 7 days


18th and 19th Century Cloth Doll Pattern

This is a set of original patterns that I have drafted for use in my 18th and 19th century cloth doll class. The pattern features four sets of interchangeable bodies, arms and legs, plus optional gussets that allow you to mix and match to create a large number of different cloth dolls. There are printed pattern pieces and complete written instructions.

Approximate Shipping Time: 7-10 days