Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls

Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls

handmade reproduction Izannah Walker dolls

13 – 18-1/2  inch tall reproduction Izannah Walker dolls

The culmination of over 10 years of research and trial and error, these painted cloth dolls are reproductions of six pre-patent c. 1850-1860 Izannah Walker dolls in my personal collection and six from the collections of a dear friends.  They are made specifically for the Izannah purist who values a strict adherence to original construction methods and materials.  My goal is to make each doll, as closely as possible, in the same way Izannah Walker made her dolls. I pour every bit of my 26 years of doll making experience into making my reproductions look like authentic antique Izannah Walker dolls from the inside out.

I drafted my patterns and made the molds for the pressed cloth heads directly from my antique Izannahs. The doll bodies are made from 100% cotton fabric, their heads are stiffened silk stockinet, and their “second skin” is made from glazed antique linen and cotton fabrics.  They are stuffed with organic cotton stuffing to match the stuffing in the original dolls.  All painted areas on the dolls are first painted with gesso and then with several layers of artist oils.  I drafted the patterns for the doll clothing from the garments worn by my antique Izannah Walker dolls (which are original to the dolls) and from additional antique dresses in my collection.

The dress fabrics are antique cottons and wools dating from 1830 – 1890. The fabric used in the undergarments is taken from vintage cotton sheets and household lines and antique women’s petticoats, which matches what was used in the doll’s original chemise and pantalets.  You may special order a doll made from reproduction fabrics.  All buttons and lace are antiques.  I sew the clothing by machine and by hand exactly in the same manner as the originals.

The base price for my 13 – 18.5 inch dolls is $1250.  Dolls with bare feet, or clothing that is especially elaborate and/or made from more expensive antique materials, cost more.  Accessories such as bonnets, pockets, outerwear, aprons and extra dresses are additional. I am happy to offer layaway.

There are two ways to purchase my dolls. You may either buy one of my completed dolls or you may order a custom doll made to your specifications.  Each doll takes “forever” to make, so I never have very many finished dolls available at once.  I will try to list available dolls here on the website, although it’s much faster for me to pop them up on my blog, www.izannahwalker.com.  So check over at the blog to see what I’m currently working on, dolls fresh out of my studio, and my rare eBay auctions.  Call me at 860-355-5709 or email me at p.walton.asweetremembramce@gmail.com to order a custom made doll of your very own.

With a custom doll, you may specify:

– which of my 16 different molds of actual antique Izannah Walker doll that  you would like me to use to create the doll’s pressed cloth head

– if you would like your doll to look well-loved and worn, newly made, or somewhere in between, some molds are more suited to “New” or “Aged” appearances

– skin tone

– girl or boy

– hair style

– bare feet or painted boots

– clothing style and particulars

– if you would like multiple dresses or additional garments or accessories

Approximate Shipping Time: This can vary greatly depending on my back log. I’m not accepting custom orders at the moment because I’m already booked rather far into the future. As soon as I catch up a bit I’ll start taking custom orders again.

If you have a particular doll or other item that you would purchase if it were available, please leave a comment on the Wish List. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when choosing which categories to open up first, when designing new items, and when making dolls for my “Third Thursday” of the month posting of dolls for sale on www.izannahwalker.com. ❤