Christmas Figures

Christmas Figures

Christmas Figures


Christmas Figures will now only be offered in limited additions and occasionally during Pop-Up Shop events. Please sign-up for my newsletter or follow my facebook page   if you’d like to know when I have some for sale ❤

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Figures

  1. Good morning – Under Christmas’s Figures, a spun cotton girl is shown in a white jacket, a long tan crepe paper skirt, and she’s wearing a white hat. It looks like
    she’s a candy container as it also shows a picture of her white shoes on a flat
    white base with a long white tube attached. It’s from 2018, so wasn’t sure if it’s still
    available. Thank you – Susan

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    1. Hi Susan, Generally, for the time being, I am only going to be making and selling Christmas figures for Pop-Up Shop days. However I actually have one of the girl candy containers available at the moment. This is the only one, I am not taking orders for more right now. If you would be interested in purchasing her, please email me at Thanks so very much for your interest in my work!!! ❤


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